It’s not very often that you stumble into something quite like this—that is, this small yet remarkably talented community of writers, some of whom are featured in the issues of this review, which you can find here. The purpose of this journal is to foster a community of Cornellians, poets and poetry admirers alike, in order to create a space that has not quite existed for writers and readers of this kind before. Below you will find the Editorial Board and the General Staff of the current issue.

Editorial Board

Co-Editor-in-Chief, Stephen Meisel '18

Co-Editor-in-Chief, Rachel Whalen '19

Managing Editor, Madeline Day '18

Layout Editor, Amy Wood '18

Communications Director, Jessica Brofsky '18

Copy Editor, Peter Szilagyi '20

Faculty Advisor, Lyrae Van Clief-Stefanon

Faculty Advisor, Ishion Hutchinson


General Staff

Come to Club Fest and our first meeting to join our General Staff! 



Mike Ascher '16

Emily Foster '16

Mary Jarvis '16

Sarah Lazarich '16

Alejandra Alvarez '17

Jesse Gonzalez '17

Sana Gupta '17 


Founding Board

Jesse Gonzalez, Alejandra Alvarez, Mary Jarvis, Sarah Lazarich, Siobhan Brandman, Emily Foster, and Amy Wood